Project Description

Chief among Cincinnati’s greatest success stories over the past decade is the transformation of our Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, located adjacent to the Central Business District. 

One of the largest historic districts in the nation, Over-the-Rhine (OTR) encompasses 362 acres of Italianate and German Revival style buildings that date to the 19th Century, built primarily to accommodate an influx of German immigrants. Beginning in the1950s, the neighborhood fell into decline as many residents moved further away from the urban basin to newer, larger housing stock in the suburbs. As a result, much of Over-the-Rhine’s structures became dilapidated and a large portion were left vacant.

Since 2003, the City of Cincinnati, working with numerous organizations, has made a concerted effort to revitalize Over-the-Rhine. A combination of public and private investment has brought residents and businesses back to the neighborhood. The vibrant mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood has received national acclaim for its turnaround.

Such rapid success, however, has created new challenges. With more people choosing to live, visit or work in Over-the-Rhine, vehicular parking spaces are at a premium in the densely-packed neighborhood with narrow streets.

In late 2014, the City of Cincinnati proposed a Residential Parking Permit Plan that sought to balance the needs of residents, businesses and visitors in Over-the-Rhine. Due to a variety of factors related to pricing and implementation, that plan was shelved.

Meanwhile, parking pressures in Over-the-Rhine have increased as redevelopment activity continues.

The following Recommendations Document outlines parking challenges facing Over-the-Rhine and offers recommendations to mitigate the issue in the most balanced and reasonable manner. These efforts were initiated in response to an official City Council motion from Councilmember David Mann. The Recommendations are also in response to additional and substantial economic growth in OTR.

Read the full recommendation here.

View the latest OTR Parking Map here.