There is no specific language in the Cincinnati Municipal Code or the Ohio Revised Code detailing where a bike may or may not be locked. 

In general, where the sidewalk is narrow, try to park parallel to the curb and take extra care not to block the sidewalk with parked bicycles. Maintain access to traffic push buttons and crosswalks, utility boxes, flower pots, and the entrances to businesses.

Please do not lock to trees, hand railings, newspaper boxes, outdoor café railings, and other private property.

Where can I park my bike?

bicycles parked on the sidewalk

Bike Laws & Safety

This guide has been produced by the City of Cincinnati Department of Transportation & Engineering and is designed to help inform both cyclists and law enforcement officers of the rights and responsibilities of cyclists on Cincinnati streets.

Traffic Laws – Frequently asked questions regarding traffic laws as they relate to bicycling.

Safety Equipment – Not only does possessing the proper safety equipment protect bicyclists but some equipment is also required by law.

Safely Crossing Streetcar Tracks  –  Always slow down and cross streetcar tracks at a 60-90 degree angle.

Common Crash Types – Understanding the most common types of accidents cyclists encounter helps prevent crashes.

Accidents – What to do when there is an accident.

Bike Parking & Security –  Learn how and where to park your bike.