Project Description

Walker Consultants, Inc. (Walker) was hired by the city of Cincinnati Department of Community and Economic Development to perform a parking study of its Madisonville Neighborhood Business District. The impetus of this study is to respond to stakeholder questions about the adequacy of parking in this area under both existing and future conditions with particular attention paid to those parking spaces that are publicly available. Madisonville’s intersection of Madison Road and Whetsel Avenue, a commercial business corridor for decades, had been identified by the city of Cincinnati, The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, and the Madisonville Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation as a redevelopment focus and so the city assembled properties over the past decade or so, and partnering with these other two organizations, issued an RFP for the development of a mixed-use real estate project.

Walker reviewed and commented on existing parking policies and practices with an eye toward optimizing the utility of the existing parking assets. Read the full report HERE.