The City of Cincinnati’s Parking Division is pleased to announce that the Mobile-only Parking Pilot Program will be extended to Clifton and the surrounding business districts to streamline the parking payment process. The City first deployed this program in OTR around TQL Stadium in 2022, recognizing the need for quick and easy access to payment solutions in all-weather scenarios that didn’t inconvenience parkers. Its’ expansion is reflective of the success of the program, and the need for these interventions in the Clifton neighborhood.

The vast majority of Americans own a smartphone and prefer utilizing these devices for daily tasks over other options.  Recognizing this, Cincinnati joins a growing list of progressive municipalities adopting more modern and convenient mobile parking solutions for the public. In the 5 years since the rollout of the mobile EzPark app, usage has grown tremendously, and it is now the largest source of parking transactions in Cincinnati!

As of 9/1/2023, the City has finished updating all Zone # parking signage that lists both of our mobile payment app providers; Cincy EzPark, as well as our new partner Pay by Phone. All zone numbers have been changed to allow consistent and reliable operation for both providers.

On 11/1/2023, the City will begin removing all outdated single-space parking meters in the CUF, Heights, and Coryville areas. We remain committed to parking accessibility for all those who seek it, which is why our physical pay stations will be strategically relocated and positioned for those parkers that don’t wish to use either parking app.

Please go HERE if you wish to pay by web.